Aery is a gamer’s dreamy respite from the chaos of real (and virtual) life

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3 min readAug 27, 2021

Three new titles from the Aery series are coming to the Atari VCS, beginning with Aery — A Journey Beyond Time which lands in the VCS store Friday, August 27

Aery’s gameplay lets you experience the joy of gliding through the air, as you bank and swoop through an ever-changing array of lush landscapes. The games pull you along on a calming journey of discovery … blissful immersion at its best.

Along the way you face new challenges and objectives, and in each title you encounter new characters and play new roles. Each game also offers a different perspective of flying.

Just because playing gives you a feeling of serenity doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Banking in the wind to collect an object or pass through a gate is fun, and to advance you need to thoroughly explore each landscape … and explore at different altitudes.

A new Aery title will be released every two weeks starting in late August. The first title, Aery A Journey Beyond Time, goes on sale in the store Friday, August 27 for $9.99 USD. It will be followed by Aery — Sky Castle, and Aery — Broken Dreams.

Aery — A Journey Beyond Tim

In Aery — A Journey Beyond Time you play as a flying god-like creature which observes the world and their inhabitants while they grow and evolve through time. You can quite literally fly through history and the different stages of human development.

Aery — Broken Memories

In Aery — Broken Memories you enter the mind of an injured person in order to bring them back from a coma. Within your host’s mind, you play as a little bird that moves smoothly through thoughts, fears, and memories. Your objective is to find memory shards in order to learn about your host, unlock new, unknown areas of their mind, and ultimately heal them.

Aery — Sky Castle

Aery — Sky Castle is the third story-driven adventure, in which you discover and rescue a broken world.



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