Atari VCS teases the future at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles

Atari VCS Product Design + Engineering, 2019

Atari VCS Pre-Production Models + Colorways

Atari’s E3 presentation suite displayed the final Atari VCS pre-production models, including the just-announced Atari VCS 800 Black Walnut and the Atari VCS 800 Onyx. The new “Black Walnut” design is not to be confused with the Collector’s Edition (CE) that was offered on Indiegogo last year as a limited edition. CE models will feature a lighter-colored “teakwood” face reminiscent of the finish on the original Atari 2600, with unique numbering as part of only 6,000 to ever be produced, and each includes a Certificate of Authenticity that verifies this.

Atari VCS Colorways Update, 2019

Hardware Engineering Prototypes + Models

Atari VCS 3D-Printed “Check Model”

Graphical User Interface Demo

Arguably, the true “star” of this first display area was the first-ever real-time demo of the work-in-progress Atari VCS Graphic User Interface (GUI). It was set up and running in demo-mode on a PC that could be navigated using a pre-production Atari Modern Controller. Things are continuing to evolve on the GUI, but here is a brief description what we shared in the press suite:

Classic and Modern Gameplay Demos

Atari VCS Gameplay Demo Station



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Atari VCS

Atari VCS

Atari's new PC/Console hybrid! Then new video computer system, with open platform for creativity and customization. Inspired by legend, built for the future!