D/Generation returns to Atari for it’s 30th Anniversary

Atari VCS
2 min readApr 30, 2021

First released on the Atari ST in 1991, D/Generation has been remastered for the Atari VCS by West Coast Software in time for the title’s 30th Anniversary. Not only is the game returning to its roots, but the game was set 30 years in the future … in 2021!

D/Generation is a cyberpunk action-adventure game loaded with puzzle elements you need to solve in order to progress. It is one of those games that generates hours of fun as you dodge robot sentries and laser defenses while you carefully explore your surroundings, looking for clues to solve intricate puzzles and progress to the next challenge.

West Coast Software has faithfully ported the original title for the anniversary edition immensely popular isometric puzzle game. Whether you are replaying the game for the first time in decades, or playing for the first time, it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and give you some challenging, enjoyable gameplay.

In the near future, a company called Genoq has developed a range of bioweapons that have escaped into the company’s headquarters. Your character is a jetpack courier that has to deliver an important package to Genoq’s leading researcher, Derrida, and is oblivious to the danger until the doors lock behind him. He has to fight his way through ten floors of grenade turrets, electrified panels, laser fences and all the mutant bioweapons to deliver his package and find out how to escape. On the way to the top, he will meet survivors of the attack and will need to communicate with them to find clues and rescue them for extra lives.

Of course, that is exactly what a courier’s job is like in 2021!

D/Generation is one of many retro titles from the last 30 years that will be coming to the Atari VCS in 2021, along with a number of re-interpreted retro-classics, and retro-inspired indie games. If you are a retro fan, you are in for a treat.

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