Danger Scavenger Coming to the Atari VCS

Warsaw-based indie Studio Star Drifters together with Piotr Wolk calls their new title Danger Scavenger a fast-paced action, cyberpunk-themed, roguelite skyline crawler. After playing the demo we’ve been calling it flat-out fun.

Danger Scavenger will be available on the Atari VCS starting in December as part of our beta launch to backers.

It is a creative top-down shooter that asks players to blow up, cut, and shoot enemy robots on the roofs of skyscrapers. As you progress you harvest scrap materials from the environment, and from the enemies you destroy, which you use to craft and customize new equipment.

You might expect Danger Scavenger to be very linear, but instead it is full of choices along the way. Not-only do you select a unique path through each level, you are also given choices on where to proceed next, what greedy corporation you want to take on, which weapons and characters to use, and what upgrade paths you want to pursue.

Each playable scavenger has their skills and style of dealing with problems: stealth, strategy, rapid-fire action, or maybe a mix of them? You get to decide!

The Atari VCS team is excited to have Danger Scavenger as a launch title, and we are looking forward to working with Star Drifters as they bring new games to market.

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