Get ready for some 80s-themed, arcade-style kick-ass gaming.

Atari VCS
2 min readApr 27, 2021

Red Rust, by indie developer ArtSource Digital, is coming the Atari VCS.

It’s the year 1984 and Soviet KGB agent Red has been sent to the West on a secret mission. Attractive, tough, even brutal, Red sets forth on a journey that exposes her to boss battles, plot twists, and just maybe some emotional discovery.

Red Rust is a joyous mash-up of styles. A side-scrolling kick and punch battler than mixes in shooting. Flying and driving levels that not only change the pace of the game, but the orientation. A visual approach inspired by 16-bit hits of the 90s, but updated with lush graphics, cut scenes, and the smooth game mechanics made possible by the Unity game engine.

Show your support an you can get a hand-painted, Red Rust-themed Atari VCS

Red Rust is still under development, so make a pledge now to the studio’s Indiegogo campaign to get the game for free as soon as it launches, and an amazing assortment of perks, including:

  • One rare, Collectors Edition Atari VCS, shipped when the campaign closes (in less than a month)
  • Three, Atari VCS Onyx pc/console hybrids with custom Red Rust themed faceplates, shipped when the campaign closes (in less than a month)
  • A non-playable character (NPC) based on you
  • Your name immortalized in the background art of the game
  • Amazing 4.5-inch hand-painted Red Rust character figures
  • A digital artbook and soundtrack
  • Stunning posters and t-shirts
  • Access to a donor-only Discord channel

Red Rust is going to deliver several hours of intensely fun gameplay, packed with boss battles, huge mechanical beasts, crazy plot twists and lots of fighting. Support the team at ArtSource Digital, led by Alex Yaremchuk, Roman Yaremchuk, and Olga Bekreeva, and help them finish the game!

Make a pledge in the Red Rust Indiegogo Campaign now, there are only a few weeks left to show you support and get some fantastic perks.



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