Get ready to swing your axe, Unsung Warriors — Prologue is coming to the Atari VCS

Unsung Warriors — Prologue will be available to Atari VCS owners on day one.

Unsung Warriors — Prologue is a 2D action-adventure game that the team at Atari is really excited about. We have been playing the Prologue all year on our early production units and having a great time. The fun and challenging platformer is set in an Iron Age inspired Europe.

Players fight their way past enemies and traps, while exploring the secrets of an ancient crypt. Single player mode is a gas, and playing with a friend in co-op can increase your chances of making it past hordes of sword-wielding skeletons.

Unsung Warriors: Prologue is the creative product of indie developers Mikel Fick (Osarion) and Ramon van Schaik (Mountaineer). The prologue is a early demo of the game that VCS owners will be able to install for free. The two-person team, based in the Netherlands, is hard at working on the final version.

Be prepared to fight with swords, axes, bows, magic or just bare fists. Weapons are carefully designed to have strengths and weaknesses, which give players the opportunity to try out different tactics against different types of enemies, and in different situations. An aggressive “slash and dash” will get you through some levels, while sneaking up behind your victim and delivering a killing blow works better in others.

No matter how you choose to play, it is hard to imagine not enjoying Unsung Warriors — Prologue. The production value of the graphics and audio is excellent, and the gameplay is exceedingly enjoyable.

Be sure to follow the developers as they make progress towards final release. You can follow them on Twitter, sign up for their Newsletter, and join their Discord.

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