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3 min readDec 17, 2019


Initial procedures announced for more independent game and app developers to start creating and planning now for earning a place in the Atari VCS storefront.

The Atari VCS platform has always been about delivering games and apps that delight the Atari community.

From the outset, the Atari VCS team’s plan has always been to make the system open, easy, and straightforward for creators and studios to develop for. We believe that every developer, large or small, should have the ability to create new content or port existing games and applications for the Atari VCS, and an opportunity to share it with the community through the Atari App Store.

We have already been working with several development studios and partners for a long while on exciting content for the Atari VCS, and will be revealing more about the games and apps in the pipeline as we approach our launch date.

In the meantime, the good news today is that if you are an independent developer you don’t need to wait any longer to get started! Creators can start developing games and apps for the Atari VCS right now, with Unity and standard Linux tools.

Unity Compatibility
Most games and apps developed in Unity, and having controller-support, will be readily compatible with the Atari VCS. (If you are working on developing for VR please contact us at We are working with Unity on additional guidance for porting content to the Atari VCS and will provide more specific details in the new year. (Some Unity resources:

Linux Tools
The Atari VCS uses a version of the Debian Linux OS and supports games and apps developed using standard 64-bit Linux code, APIs and tools. You can expect a large majority of Linux-compatible content to be fully compatible with the Atari VCS. (Some Debian resources:

Other Development Engines
We are actively working toward confirming compatibility with other popular development engines in an effort to provide additional flexibility and multiple options for game and app developers. We will make more announcements as we confirm this additional compatibility.

Development Kits
Finalizing compatibility will involve testing content on actual Atari VCS hardware and controllers when it becomes available in early 2020. As we shared previously, developers won’t need to purchase expensive, dedicated development hardware. Any Atari VCS device can be a development kit. So can most PC’s.

Submitting Content
Once their content is ready, developers will need to upload it to the Atari VCS submission portal to begin the approval process for getting games or apps into the Atari VCS store. Stay tuned for more information, including a link to the registration form for our developer certification program, along with additional support and documentation, all coming soon.

Revenue Sharing
One aspect of our effort to support and encourage the development community is by charging low platform fees, allowing for a competitive revenue sharing framework in the Atari VCS store.

Publishers and developers will receive an 88 percent (88%) revenue share on all Atari VCS-exclusive titles, or an 80 percent (80%) share on non-exclusive titles, approved and placed in the Atari VCS store.

We hope and trust that everyone interested in creating for Atari VCS has enough to go on for now. Please make sure that you are subscribed to for all developer-related updates. You can find this Dev email sign-up on

Backer, fan and creator support means everything to us, and as always, we thank you!

— The Atari VCS Team



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