Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world

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3 min readDec 17, 2020

You might not expect a video game protagonist to have his own Instagram account. Well meet Reggie, he does.

Reggie is the brainchild of Degoma games, a two-person development team based the Amsterdam. An adventure about time travel, Reggie combines the mechanics of a playful platformer with a humorous, creative storyline. The game narrative is supported by high-quality animated cut scenes that would not look out of place on Cartoon Network. The Degoma team is making the good stuff, and we are excited that they are bringing their creativity to the Atari VCS.

You can follow Reggie on Instagram

Reggie’s adventure begins when he and his friends travel to the past to give a well known scientist the little push he needs to come up with his theory of gravity. Of course nothing works out as expected, and the consequences lead to further adventures, complete with plot twists and unexpected characters.

Players can immediately invert gravity in any situation, but lose a little momentum when they do it.

A lot of the game play, as you might imagine, involves gravity. Players utilize Reggie’s unique ability to invert gravity to progress through the game.

Three-dimensional characters make their way through a rich two-dimensional landscape.

Degoma describes the environment as a 2.5D cartoon platformer. Why 2.5D? Because all the characters in the game are three-dimensional, brought to life with orthographic view and cell shading, while the environment they live in is created from two-dimensional layers.

Reggie has a rich, quirky, plot involves a grumpy scientist from the sixteenth century, black holes, time travel, dinosaurs, a gnome University, alternative dark dimensions and an unexpected final villain who likes the universe without science better. Yes it has a bit of an educational undertone … you might just learn something while playing. But rest assured, you are going to have a fun time beating bosses, grabbing collectibles and using powerups.

Stay up-to-date as development progresses through Degoma’s newsletter, on Twitter, Facebook and of course, Reggie posts every Tuesday to Instagram.



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