Retro-throwback SuperMash has launched on the new Atari VCS

SuperMash is the kind of genre-blending, retro-inspired title that Atari VCS owners are bound to enjoy. In SuperMash, you play as an independent video game store clerk who’s found a magical game console. It spews out retro games with crazy randomized titles, mashed-up gameplay and objectives, and even authentic bugs — all of which you’ll get to play.

SuperMash is the creation of by New York-based developer Digital Continue. Digital Continue and Atari will work together to add elements from classic Atari games in future updates.

With genres including Platformer, Action Adventure, Shoot ’Em Up, Metrovania, Stealth, and JRPG, there are all kinds of ways that gameplay, bugs and objectives can randomly combine.

In SuperMash, players can blend together iconic genres to create never-before-seen gaming experiences. Jump through classic platformer levels with a tactical stealth character, fight as spaceships in engaging JRPG battles, and more. Anything is possible with SuperMash’s emergent system, which creates a unique game every time you play.

Special Dev Cards, earned by completing mash-ups, allow you can customize elements of each Mash, like enemies, players, mechanics, and environments.

Look for SuperMash in the Atari VCS store before the end of the year.

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