Something Ate My Alien invites you to flex all of your gaming skills

Atari VCS
2 min readDec 14, 2020

Exploring, harvesting, puzzle solving, crafting, digging and platforming.

Something Ate My Alien, from RoKabium Games, is the type of genre-blending game that has a little something for everyone.

Navigation is a blend of digging, teleporting and platforming. Progressing through the game requires solving puzzles and finding loot and relics. And there is combat, which involves fighting off hostile flora and fauna using an array of weapons, all the while keeping an eye on your oxygen levels. There is also a layer of resource gathering and crafting, that encourages you to create and upgrade your suit, weapons, biometrics and equipment.

It really does invite you to flex all the gaming skills that you have built up over the years.

The hand-drawn, 2D playing environment is rich in texture, with bright resources and threats standing out in a dark, underground landscape. As you dig your way through planets you reveal a colorful environment in the distance that adds a depth and a three-dimensional feel.

The resource gathering and crafting adds a lot to the gaming experience, and will provide an additional layer of complexity to those players who are drawn to platformers and puzzlers, but can sometimes find gameplay too often repetitive or shallow.

Rob Donovan and Kat Langwagen are the two-person team behind RoKabium Games, and Something Ate My Alien, which they refer to as SAMA, is the first title for the studio. We are excited to bring the game to the Atari VCS, and expect it to be a hit with our community.

Learn more about SAMA at their website, follow game news on Twitter, and join the RoKabium Discord to keep up with the team.



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