Developed in partnership with Mega Cat Studios, Food Fight will unleash a storm of sloppy joes and juicy lucys in frenetic multiplayer action

Dodge! Dip! Dinner Roll! Featuring single-player, co-op, and online multiplayer modes, the reimagined game offers procedurally generated environments to ensure gameplay never goes stale. Players can collect and choose from over 30 individual weapons, items, and special pick-ups, each with their own kitchen characteristics, such as “slippery” or “sticky.”

First released on the Atari ST in 1991, D/Generation has been remastered for the Atari VCS by West Coast Software in time for the title’s 30th Anniversary. Not only is the game returning to its roots, but the game was set 30 years in the future … in 2021!

D/Generation is a cyberpunk action-adventure game loaded with puzzle elements you need to solve in order to progress. …

Red Rust, by indie developer ArtSource Digital, is coming the Atari VCS.

It’s the year 1984 and Soviet KGB agent Red has been sent to the West on a secret mission. Attractive, tough, even brutal, Red sets forth on a journey that exposes her to boss battles, plot twists, and just maybe some emotional discovery.

Red Rust is a joyous mash-up of styles. A side-scrolling kick and punch battler than mixes in shooting. Flying and driving levels that not only change the pace of the game, but the orientation. …

Make a pledge in the Unsung Warriors Kickstarter campaign and get guaranteed beta access before the game releases on PC or on the Atari VCS.

At higher pledge levels you can earn physical rewards and even have yourself represented in the game as a character, painting or statue.

One participant will also get a rare, Atari VCS Collector’s Edition pc/console hybrid.

Jetboard Joust is coming to the Atari VCS!

A fusion of classic arcade shoot-’em-ups and modern roguelikes from publisher Freedom Games and developer BitBull, blasts onto Atari VCS on May 18, 2021.

Jetboard Joust is an absolute joy to play, with fast, frenetic action and incredibly creative boss battles. The game is a visual feast.

You might not expect a video game protagonist to have his own Instagram account. Well meet Reggie, he does.

Reggie is the brainchild of Degoma games, a two-person development team based the Amsterdam. An adventure about time travel, Reggie combines the mechanics of a playful platformer with a humorous, creative storyline. The game narrative is supported by high-quality animated cut scenes that would not look out of place on Cartoon Network. The Degoma team is making the good stuff, and we are excited that they are bringing their creativity to the Atari VCS.

Exploring, harvesting, puzzle solving, crafting, digging and platforming.

Something Ate My Alien, from RoKabium Games, is the type of genre-blending game that has a little something for everyone.

Navigation is a blend of digging, teleporting and platforming. Progressing through the game requires solving puzzles and finding loot and relics. And there is combat, which involves fighting off hostile flora and fauna using an array of weapons, all the while keeping an eye on your oxygen levels. There is also a layer of resource gathering and crafting, that encourages you to create and upgrade your suit, weapons, biometrics and equipment.


Phosphorescence is luminescence caused by the absorption of radiation, and it is an apt description of the underground world designed by Toronto-based developer Robert Capper in his new game ThrustLander. A modern cave-flyer with retro roots, ThrustLander debuts on the Atari VCS and will be an exclusive to the platform through mid-2021.

The environments in ThrustLander are rich in texture and color. The cave walls are rendered as organic surfaces, sometimes resembling crystal, sometimes rock, and often glowing with the intense glow-in-the-dark colors that you can only experience in a dark space.

An interview with game designer Nick Paladino

The Atari VCS team has been following the development of the game Rift World for a while now. Rift World is the effort of Nick Paladino, a game development graduate student. Nick publishes a steady stream of images and short videos to his Twitter feed (@Paladino954), and you can’t help but be drawn into the colorful, playful, floating world that he is building. We have even taken the demo for a spin, and found the kinetic nature of the environment and the low-gravity movement to be particularly enjoyable.

Nick was kind enough to…

Unsung Warriors — Prologue will be available to Atari VCS owners on day one.

Unsung Warriors — Prologue is a 2D action-adventure game that the team at Atari is really excited about. We have been playing the Prologue all year on our early production units and having a great time. The fun and challenging platformer is set in an Iron Age inspired Europe.

Players fight their way past enemies and traps, while exploring the secrets of an ancient crypt. …

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